5621 Snowy Ridge Lane

Berthoud, Colorado 80513

Phone: 970-532-1200







Seistronics Inc.

  • Our company specializes in worldwide repair and technical auditing of all seismic recording equipment.
  • Provides instrumentation audits for Chevron, Oxy, Devon Energy, EnCana, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, Shell and major oil companies around the world.
  • Seismic recording system experience:  Sercel 388, Sercel 408, Sercel 428, I/O System 2, I/O Image, I/O Scorpion, Aram Aries, Aram Aries II, Oyo Geospace GSR/GSX, Fairfield Node.
  • Seismic vibrator  electronic peripheral experience:  Pelton Advance II, Pelton Vib Pro, Seismic Source Force II, Seismic Source Force III, Sercel 432, Sercel 464, Pelton VCA Vibrator QC, Seismic Source V-Scope
  • Seismic dynamite synchronization systems:  Seismic Source Boom Box, Pelton Shot Pro, Pelton Shot Pro II.
  • Geophone testing experience:  I/O SMT 200, I/O SMT 300, Seismic Source Bird Dog.
  • Full electronic lab for custom hardware/software design
  • Labview and C++ programming services